I used to be really into Halloween when I was little. Isn’t everyone? When you’re 8, nothing sounds better than getting dressed in an awesome costume and running around the streets getting free candy.

My mom was pretty hardcore about the costume scene when I was little. She made most of me and my sister’s costume’s by hand. My favorite? My Maid Marian costume, circa 2nd grade. (I was super into Disney’s Robin Hood at the time). An emerald green dress with lace, complete with a damsel’s hat. I even got to wear lipstick! (A REALLY big deal).

photo via weheartit

Now… I’m not quite the Halloween fan that I used to be. Don’t get me wrong, I still love costumes, carving pumpkins, and making caramel apples–but it’s more the official welcoming of Autumn that I get excited about. (Well, and knowing that Thanksgiving–my favorite Fall Holiday–is right around the corner. Hellooooo three kinds of pie!)

But I’m pretty excited about Halloween this year. I’m flying south with a few other ducklings to cheer on our favorite team. I won’t give away what our costume is just yet (not until photos are ready!), but here’s a snippet of what inspired us:

(All photos via oregondigital.org. Such an amazing site. I could’ve spent hours poring over those pictures)

xo Happy Halloween!

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