Now that fall has officially arrived in SF, I’ve been jonesing for all of the luscious, soft, and cozy clothes that are irresistibly Autumn worthy. Big sweaters, even bigger scarves, leather, cashmere, and über warm jackets.

On my current lust list:


This adorable puff sleeve cashmere sweater from Free People. I am also really into those long socks with the sweater dress. Perfect Fall chic.



These clever convertible cuff gloves from J.Crew. Made of genuine pebbled leather and a merino wool cuff, you can wear the cuff long–or fold over your hands (there’s even a little thumbhole! Genius)



These fabulous riding lace up boots from Jeffrey Campbell (my favorite). I’m kind of in love with them.



So this golden fleece bolero isn’t super Autumn-esque, but I’m really into gold right now. Plus, how cute would this be to wear to a winter party? I feel like it would contrast super well with a neutral sweater dress, a lot like…



This gorgeous charcoal gray dress. If you don’t already know… gray is my absolute favorite.



Cute and classic. I love the toggles on this, and I really really want to add more camel to my wardrobe…



Pretty sure these are the cutest booties ever. I am allll about the wedge.



Mmmm… this sweater jacket looks so ridiculously cozy. I kind of want to curl up in it and fall asleep.

PS: how cute is that purse? Go J.Crew.


This is the first time in a while (read: since I moved back to California from Oregon) that I’m welcoming winter and fall with open arms! It’s a funny feeling, and I think it might have something to do with the fact that I know there aren’t months and months and months of rain ahead of me.

I still miss pretty much everything about the Northwest dearly though. Maybe one day…


1 comment
  1. Camilla said:

    i saw that bolero the other day and i died. i must have it.
    also i must have those boots. thank you.

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