Hello all! Happy Monday… if you can say that. Mondays are always rough for me, and I have a particularly busy week this week. But the best possible kind of busy.

(updates to come later!)

Here are a few snippets from my weekend in Los Gatos:


coffee and pastries from Le Boulanger



lots and lots of reading



a little bit of shopping



smiling over old pictures



(unfinished) art by my mom



an old note from Seth



the red barn doors are my favorite part of my mom's house



little cups of green tea



the biggest, most delicious bowl of pho I've ever had


It was a much needed rest.

Good luck with your week loves! Friday will be here soon enough.


  1. Camilla said:

    it looks so wonderful! everything!
    the green tea
    the food
    the reading
    the doors
    gosh everything, really.

    and i SO remember those pictures.

  2. brunnervanessa said:

    sooo many memories of you + me in that house! dressing up/going swimming/climbing trees. ooohhh when life was simple…

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