My sister, my grandma's friend Dorothy, and me on Fermaya


I’ve always had a love for horses.

I know that when people usually say that, it’s hard not to automatically think of those “horse girls” in elementary school. The ones who pretended to be horses during recess, took lessons on weekends, and watched every horse movie known to man.


from weheartit.com


I’m not going to lie. I was one of those girls.

Childhood obsessions included: (from left) The Black Stallion, Rainbow Brite, My Friend Flicka (The old one, not the lame remake), My Little Ponies, and National Velvet.

I rode quite a bit until sophomore year of high school. My Grandma has always had horses, and lived around horses, so it was easy to keep practicing. But, once high school hit, I got wrapped up in field hockey and abandoned horseback riding for a while.

I miss it every now and then, and the longing has been particularly strong as of late.

It’s a little hard to get, for people who haven’t ridden very often. But there’s something so comforting and exhiliarating about riding a horse.

I love the entire process, saddling up, grooming after. The smells and textures just bring me back to being little, and feeling even smaller–yet completely safe–on top of my Grandma’s horse.

Hopefully I’ll have enough money to own a horse of my own one day…


My sister with Dancer, and myself with Split. Emily's face kills me in this picture.


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