don't you just love this? it feel so spontaneous

I think a part of every girl identifies with Audrey.

Whether you envy her beauty, admire her courage, or connect with her insecurities–I feel like part of the reason she’s such an icon is because she’s so relatable.

Think about Holly Golightly. I love that movie because that character is a combination of everything I love and hate about myself.

I’m particularly fond of this quote. I almost feel like it’s something I might’ve said at one point in time:

(all images via FFFFound and WeHeartIt)

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  1. Gayle Higgins said:

    I didn’t know you were a E. Taylor fan! I have been a major fan since I was 14. Cut my hair short like her in the 50’s. Wore makeup like her (I could go on and on). I will have to leave you all the memorabilia I have of her. Ralph thinks I’m nuts!

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