I’ve been browsing quite a bit for inspiration for the next couple issues of the magazine.

Of course, I couldn’t help but collect a few pictures of rooms I’ve been going crazy over. I’ve really been obsessing with color and texture lately, and I’m trying to brainstorm ways to add more to my apartment.

I wish I was brave enough to be this bold. Matthew Williamson's home in Elle Decor UK

I've seen a lot of white floors, but I am LOVING the black. If only I didn't rent... (image via love forever)

Maps are my favorite type of wall art. We bought some vintage city maps for the living room, but I want a big one like this for behind the bed. (image via Remodelista)

Gorgeous contrast with the chandelier. Bold lighting makes such a big difference. (image via Simple Lovely)

Ione Skye's home (featured in Domino) is so lovely and warm. I feel like you can never go wrong with a big fur rug.

I can't really do this in my apartment, but I just really liked this photo. The peek of the wallpaper behind the exposed brick and the deer's head is fabulous. (Highlands Gastropub in NY, via Remodelista)

YUM. Can I have them all please?


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