It was pretty much summer this weekend.

Yup. Summer in February, Winter in July. That’s San Francisco weather for you.

But, it was perfect. It made for a cheery Valentine’s Day in Fort Mason Park, complete with a blanket, Coronas, and many magazines.

We hung out until sunset when we decided it was starting to get cold. Plus, we had to go to the store and prepare for the main event of the evening:


I had seriously been looking forward to this for weeks. I saw this on one of my favorite blogs, and being a Food Network/Top Chef fiend myself, it seemed perfect.

The premise: 45 minutes, $25, and 1 pizza each. A slice would be judged on a 30 point scale by each of the competitors. Prize: bragging rights of course.

The "Garden of Eaten" and "Surf and Turf" with our respective drinks. Guess which one is mine...

Each pizza turned out delicious.

Mine: apple, gorgonzola, peppered bacon and balsamic carmelized onions on a thin crust.  Accompanied by a bottle of Barefoot wine.

His: cheddar, mozzarella, bacon, and clams on a regular crust. Accompanied by a Coors Light.

I voted a tie, but Kelly was sweet and let me win by one point. (Anyone who watches The Office knows, tie goes to the girlfriend).

The final score card

After stuffing our faces, we ended the night by finishing our respective drinks and  a marathon of Entourage.

A perfectly easy, relaxing day.

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