I’ve always loved little secret hiding places…

Via 100 Layer Cake

Isn’t this a pretty idea? Even though the boyfriend and I agreed not to to Valentine’s Day presents, I love the idea of putting a little knick knack and a note in a book for him to find.

When I was little, I would always make little forts to stuff myself into and read books by flashlight. For a long time, my favorite spot was the little cupboard under my bathroom sink. I don’t know why…it was dusty and musty in there, and I could just barely squeeze myself and a book in. But it was quiet, and no one could find me.

And I loved creating little cubby holes under my bed and in my closet to hide my stuff (mostly trinkets, pretty rocks, and notes) from God knows who. Isn’t that silly? I guess most kids are like that… when you have something that’s a secret from everyone else, it makes it special and kind of magical.

Kind of a random tangent, I know! I was just enjoying the trip down memory lane.

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