I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at the New York Times online feature, “Documenting the Decade.” A compilation of submitted readers photos from the past decade, it’s an astonishing and surprisingly emotional collection of photographs that represent the best and the worst of the 00’s.

Most of the photos are amateur, and many are quick snapshots. But I find them more powerful and touching than most of the photos I’ve seen by professional photographers in my daily NYT reads.

I came across this one today, and I was moved to tears.

Taken by reader Mark Schaming, the caption reads:

It’s such haunting reminder of 9/11, and such a horrifically brutal vision of the loss of innocent lives.

I know I forget about the trauma and significance of 9/11 more often than I should. But even more importantly, I forget how things like this happen in countries across the world every single day.

I think I forget because it’s so overwhelming, and so heartbreaking to think about.

When you think about the horrible things happening to innocent people every day, it’s easy to feel completely powerless.

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