I’ve been a horrible blogger lately…

It’s just that time of year, you know? Work is crazy, holiday shopping is exhausting…when I come home, all I want to do is crash on the couch with a big cup of hot water, lemon, and honey (My absolute favorite bedtime drink–try it, it does wonders for the skin).

Excuses aside, I’ve made a pre-New Year’s resolution to be better.

Here are three of my latest obsessions in hopes that you’ll forgive me:

1. Print Magazine

The thought and detail that goes into this magazine is outstanding. I have yet to get a hard copy in my hands, but I’ve been poring over online issues obsessively. ¬†Definitely worth paying $40 for (don’t worry, it’s the Regional Design Annual, so it only comes out once a year).

2. Marjorie Skouras

Bright, funky, bejeweled, design. She has such a fresh approach, and I love how she plays with color! How fun would it be to have that bright pink bedroom with that gorgeous turquoise chandelier?

3. French commercials

Especially this one:

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