It’s almost the New Year!

Besides New Years Eve, (which is just an excuse to buy a sparkly, shiny dress. My top choice right now is this one. With black tights and booties–yes!)  fresh starts, and champagne, the best part about the coming of a new year is buying a new calendar.

It’s been quite vexing.

Here are my top 5 choices:

1. A 2010 Lunar Calendar Created by Alec Thibodeau

I love how it glows in the dark…

(photos via Tiny Showcase)

2. UrbnCal 2010 Stockholm by jollygoodfellow

Such a clever calendar…each number of each month is a photograph taken on the streets of Stockholm.

Love the look of this.

(photos via the Supermarket)

3. The Wild Unknown Year of Feathers Calendar

Saw this on Design Sponge. I’m a sucker for anything with feathers…

(photo via The Wild Unknown)

4. Illustrated Calendar by leahduncan on Etsy

I like calendars that are set up this way…and aren’t her illustrations darling? I’d love to put this up on a big corkboard somewhere.

5. Pentagram Typographic Calendar

Had to do it. It’s becoming such a classic. And I’ve always loved these.

It might end up becoming my calendar by default if I can get my dad to give me one for free…

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