I read a truly excellent article from the New York Times’ T Magazine this afternoon, and I really wanted to share it.

It was all about the re-emergence of American style. I love the author’s definition and discussion of what differentiates American design from the design produced by the rest of the world.

More often than not, American design is based on practicality. We design things to do a certain job, and to do that job well.  I love the example of jeans. Denim started as workwear–valued for its durability and comfort. Same with Converse–which started as a simple solution to a basketball shoe.

I was especially struck by this quote:

“And there we have it: the secret spiritual promise, traceable to our nation’s religious origins, that subtly underlies American style and fuels its resurgent allure. American style whispers of a day when all will be attractive, healthy and competent, when style as we know it — that urge to differentiate — will finally prove obsolete because all will be equal, idols every one.”

I think that most people can identify with that subtle, underlying desire. Whether you’d like to admit it or not.

I love this ad. It might sound cliché, but I feel like they really captured the essence of American spirit.

It’s a feeling that I think even the most cynical citizen loves and appreciates.

Don’t you feel inspired and kind of wild after watching it?

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