I saw “Where The Wild Things  Are” last night.

I cried.


I was nervous I would cry, mainly because I’m infamous for my waterworks at the movies. But I also knew that this movie would be touching and personal. I feel like my generation grew up reading Maurice Sendak, and WTWTA touches on so many simple, heartbreaking things about being a misunderstood child.

I never told my mother I would eat her up…but I definitely threw fits, cried, and made multiple plans to run away.

Most of the time, I never fully understood why I was upset in the first place.

I think every child had their means of escape and coping, even with the simplest things.

My “monsters” were made up people and places–where I was always the best, I was always the hero, and things always made sense to me.


These places were where things happened only as I wanted them to happen.

Spike Jonze was able to portray and interpret these ideas beautifully.

Here’s a great interview with him via Vanity Fair

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