Just some things I noticed on my walk home from work the other day.
I decided to take a different route. It was so nice outside, and I wanted to enjoy the sunshine.
SO glad I did. A Japanese Typhoon (seriously) is rolling into the Bay Area tonight. We’ve got some stormy weather in store.
Farewell Indian Summer…



There’s this apartment on Bay Street that has this amazing rooftop deck that I’m insanely jealous of. Being able to have a roof deck with a heavenly view like that is probably the only reason I would move to this section of Bay (no judgement. Just too touristy for me). But I would probably sleep on that thing. Set up a yurt or something. Seriously…waking up to the sun over the Bay, the Bridge and Alcatraz? Heaven.


Well I’m already obsessed with this house. It’s gorgeous number one. But it’s also on this perfect stretch off of Francisco, when you climb up these hidden stairs off Bay and Larkin. It’s a quiet, little off-road part of Francisco. There are only four houses up there, they’re all beautiful, and they all have a lot of character. But I really like the numbers in front of this one. It’s a great font–modern, but not intimidating.

silly house

I don’t know where I was exactly when I saw this silly little house, but I’m really into it for some reason. It’s very different than your typical stucco-front SF house. I like the orange red doors/trim, and I really like the industrial light fixtures. I feel like it was kind of in a weird area so it might be pretty scary on the inside–so I’ll just keep on imagining this perfect modern interior.

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