Despite my boyfriend’s protests, I’m actually a pretty crafty person.

My tendency to dive headfirst into DIY projects stems mostly from my semi-OCD personality and my need to “nest.”  (i.e. deciding to paint our entire apartment by myself within a week of moving in. It really does look so much better…)

Recently, I found a ton of extra wallpaper samples at California Homes. They’re really gorgeous and different, by the amazing Tracy Kendall (sold through Ted Boerner). I recommend checking out her site. She has everything from massive prints of feathers to puzzle pieces hanging off your wall. (It sounds scary but I promise it’s genius).

Anyways, samples like these were too good to put to waste. Since our walls are currently barren, I decided to frame them for the bedroom.


tracy kendall wallpaper

They really are like art after all.

tracy kendall wallpaper

domino tracy kendall wallpaper

I’m putting this sketch my sister did in the middle. My sister is an amazing artist, and she did this sketch without even thinking, while watching TV one day. I love it the roughness of it.

emily's drawing

I’ll put up a photo when we finally hang these guys up!

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