Things I love right now:

Picture 2

I’ve decided that in design, in food, in art, in fashion, and in LIFE, the simpler things are usually the best things. I feel like being complicated is overrated. Why make things complex when what is plain, pure, and clean is just so much better, and so much easier?

Just a few simple things I love right now:

1. Clean Laundry

(It’s twice as great if it’s been dried outside on a clothesline. It smells so much better…)

2. Figs

Picture 1

I love them with honey.

3. White Pottery


It just looks fresh.

4. Almond Biscotti and Earl Grey Tea


I had already eaten the biscotti when I remembered to take the photo. I like it dipped in the milky tea so it gets soft.

5. Petting dogs who are tied up outside shops

Dogs are always so grateful for the simplest things. I feel like that’s something people should start trying to do.

6. Worn wood


It has character. It tells a story.

7. Listening to babies talk

I love kids. But I just get such a kick when babies are talking gibberish. You know they’re trying SO hard to tell you something…

8. Silly signs

Picture 2

I love stuff like this just because it always makes me smile.

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